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    Hi, folks. I've been reading some of the other threads on this forum and it's prompted me to pose the following:

    Myself and two good friends are planning a road trip for later this summer. We would all really like to make it a full cross-country trip by driving from Massachusetts to California and back, but we only have 12 days to do it. I know several people that have made the trip one way in five days, so part of me says we should be able to do it in ten if we just barrel through it. Since we don't want to do exactly that, we're hoping the extra two days will give us time to alter our path a little to make it something more than just a direct line there and back. We understand that there's no way we'll be able to wander off and see the World's Largest Wicker Basket when we see a sign, but we're hoping that we'll have enough time to stop in a couple of places for a few hours at a shot for some sightseeing, and stay with some friends a few nights, but otherwise really just enjoy the road and the scenery. We'll likely be camping/cheap moteling eight nights and crashing on couches for three. We are all very experienced drivers and campers, I personally routinely make trips of 4-5 hours at a shot solo. We figure this will take about 3-3.5 hours of driving per person per day.

    Is this an unrealistic goal? Is it possible? Is it safe? Will it be too much to truly enjoy?

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Is it possible? Is it safe? Will it be too much to truly enjoy?
    Yes, Yes and Yes !

    Depending on where your start and finish points are exactly you are really looking at driving across the country, turning around and heading back again. It's doable but when spending 10 plus hours a day in the car, you are not going to have much energy left for anything but to check into a Motel, [put up tent] eat an evening meal and sleep.

    If you can't extend your trip I personally think you would be better off turning around sooner and possibly enjoying some time in Colorado for instance, but a lot will depend on your goal for the trip.

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    Thank you for the prompt reply! As to our goal for the trip, the trip itself is really the only goal we have, which I think is a sentiment that can be appreciated around here. We're not really thinking of L.A. as the destination so much as the turnaround point, so not getting to spend a lot of time in any one place isn't an enormous concern to us, though I fear we may be underestimating our sentiments towards that idea partway through the trip when we just want to stop moving for a bit! Luckily, if it turns out we are in over our heads, we can turn around at any point and take more time than we expected to have getting back. Based on your thoughts, that may be a likely scenario, so we'll have to keep an open mind about that option.


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    Here's an idea - just hop in the car and start heading west. Go where you feel like it, have fun. See where you wind up. After 6 days, just turn around and head home!

    If you find that you need to pile on more than 650 miles a day, use speed run procedures. You have 3 drivers so this will work. Just don't do this day after day.

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    I second GLC's recommendation. Get in the car, with no set destination and start driving. Look at the map each morning, choose a direction and go and see what the road brings. After 6 days, turn east again and head home and you'll have an adventure! I've done speed runs, covered truly insane numbers of miles in a day, but the trips I still remember, are those where I just drove and ended up on little roads (and usually had to turn around when the road ended).

    Take plenty of paper maps, some $$, some food and go have an adventure.


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