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    Me and three friends are flying from London to LA at the end of August and we have a flight back from New York at the end of September. What happens inbetween...not so sure...

    The idea is to road trip it from LA to New York, taking about 10 days to do it. Is this doable or should I just book some internal flights now!?

    If anyone's done it - what's a rough idea of prices? This is the main thing that concerns me as from having a look online, it seems mega expensive.

    Any advice is appreciated!

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    Default Doable

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    It is certainly doable, the trip would take 5-6 long day's behind the wheel with time for food and bathroom breaks and to fill up with gas while staying on main roads. This will leave you with 4 or 5 day's to do a little exploring but there are many, many options so I would get yourselves a good map and look around the RTA pages to find what things are of common interest to you all.

    If you are driving you will have to consider the cost of one way drop off fee's for your car and anyone under the age of 25 will face young driver fee's, anyone under 21 will not be able to drive.

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    The car rental cost will be the bulk of your expense. Petrol here is dirt cheap compared to what you are used to - you can roughly figure about 15 cents a mile, which would be about $500 to go cross country in a reasonably direct path. Hotel rooms can be had for about $75 a day, if all 4 of you are amenable to sharing a room and you don't stay in expensive downtown hotels. Food should be doable for about $25 a day each eating fast food for lunch and reasonably priced restaurants for dinner. Many hotels have complimentary continental breakfasts.

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