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    I need to get my Nissan 350z from San Diego to NYC in the shortest amount of time. I will be doing this trip alone sometime between Oct. - Nov. Is it reasonable to assume a 60 - 65mph average? How difficult is to drive 10 hours a day for a 5 day stretch? Im fit, mentally and physically, in my mid 20's and have driven 12 hours straight on a couple of occasions and was fine, but that was with company.

    Im sure someone in the forums has done this before and I would love to hear their experience and any tips they might have.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Yes, it is certainly possible to do this trip in 5 days, but that is the shortest amount of time we'd recommend.

    Once you factor in the minimum of basic stops, there really is no way to average 65 mph without wildly exceeding the speed limit. If you are really pushing yourself, you might do 60, although 55 is much more likely and typical.

    And since you are planning to do this trip solo, I'd plan to spend a little more time on the road each day. Its going to be much easier to do 5 days of travel if you are stopping a couple of times a day to get out an move around. While you'll likely be looking at 10 hour days of on the road time, spending an extra 2-3 hours so you don't feel rushed and you can keep your body moving will help you making your way in a more comfortable and focused way. Here are more speed run tips.

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    I'll help you along a bit here with my recommendations for the most efficient route and suggested overnight stops.

    Day 1 - I-8 to Gila Bend, AZ-85 to I-10 east. Loop 101 north to I-17 north. I-40 east, spend night in Holbrook. Motel 6 highly recommended, it's new, large, inexpensive, and clean, room key gets you 10% discount at Denny's next door. If you still feel good, your next real opportunity for an overnight is Gallup, which is another hour and a half east.

    Day 2 - I-40 east, stop in Amarillo and have dinner at the Big Texan. If you feel like calling it a night, stay right there at the hotel, room comes with a free breakfast buffet. Otherwise, it's another hour and a half to Shamrock.

    Day 3 - I-40 east to OKC. Take I-40 through the city to I-35 north to I-44 east. Take I-44 through Tulsa to Missouri. Your overnight target should be Rolla. Note that I-44 between OKC and Tulsa, and from Tulsa to the MO state line are toll roads. If you feel like going farther, it's about another hour and a half to STL, there are hotels in the western suburbs around 6 Flags. However, you would get caught in AM rush hour making an early start from there. There really isn't much suitable lodging on the east side of STL.

    Day 4 - I-40 east to STL. Take the southern bypass, which is I-270 SOUTH to I-255. Follow that into Illinois and get on I-70 east to Indy. Take the I-465 bypass SOUTH back to I-70. Columbus OH should be your overnight, take the I-270 bypass NORTH to I-71. I'd stay somewhere off I-71 around the Polaris Mall.

    Day 5 - Take I-71 north to I-76 east to I-80 east to NYC. Done!

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    Great, thanks very much. Actually looking quite forward to the "speed run." I'm sure I'll have more questions before the trip and I'll know where to ask! Love the forum.

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    I might suggest a different route for day one.

    I-8 to Gila Bend - then 238 to Maricopa. 347 to the I-10 W (North) to the 202 East. Take the 101 North to the 202 East (north side of the belt loop). Get off at Country Club and 87 North. 87 North to Payson. From Payson take the 260 East to Heber-Overgaard, then the 277 / 377 to Holbrook.

    It is a backroad - but shaves quite a few miles off. Its the way we usually went from the east side of phoenix to Albuquerque. It is a more mountainous route, and will be more subject to weather delays. You shouldn't have a problem in October, but getting into November you might check the weather.

    If you do go the I10 to the I17 be cognizant of traffic concerns (same with the 101 North, but to a lesser extent). Being from SD, you know the impact traffic can have. The I17 is a major arterial that isn't quite up to the task. Chances are you won't have a problem as the trouble point is only 5.5-6 hours from SD so you should beat the rush if you leave moderately early.

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