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    Hi! i am so glad i found this site! my friend and i are planning on making a road trip out to the east coast to visit new york--we live near minneapolis mn and have only about 10-12 days--

    just wondering what is the best route? places of interest? etc--also, i don't want to drive in new york---so, any suggestions? where to stay and leave vehicle? take a train? bus? any tips, or info would be great! thanks

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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    While you certainly have an okay amount of time for your trip, you didn't mention what types of things you are interested in doing. Your trip out is roughly 2 1/2 days - so that leaves you with 5-7 days of actual visit time.

    Driving in a city such as New York would be something I'd avoid as well; you'll find the public transportation options abundant and easy to use. Are you planning on staying in the city, or would staying outside the city proper and traveling in be an option for you?

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    Hi--thanks for the response--we haven't really thought about what we want to see--lol--but we are pretty open to anything--historical, natural wonders, and good bars ;)

    would you suggest to stay in new york or outside the city--?

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    Default Lodging

    For lodging - you can probably find a better deal outside the city, perhaps on the New Jersey side of things.

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