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  1. Default Best scenic route from Portland to San Francisco in 2 days?

    Hi. We're leaving Portland tomorrow morning at 6:00 AM and driving to San Francisco. I'd like to do as much of it on the coast as possible. Time is limited though.

    Looking for suggestions on the route and what can be seen in such a limited time.


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    Default A Choice Needs to be Made

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    Your post makes clear that you are aware that traveling the coastal routes will be time consuming. This is especially true along the Oregon coast which is more developed than the northern California coast. So you will have to pick and choose where you follow the shoreline. As noted above, you can make better time if you stay inland in Oregon and then head to the beach in California. You do have some time to wander a bit, and the following general outline of a drive could be made in two days if you concentrate on driving, with a few short strolls in some scenic spots, and forego extended stops anywhere. Head up the Willamette River to Eugene then used OR-58 to US-97 south. Then head back to the coast through Crater Lake National Park via OR-138, Crater Lake Highway, OR-62 and OR-234 to I-5 (north!). From Grants Pass, US-199 heads southwest to join the Pacific Coast Highway (US-101) at Crescent City amidst several Redwood parks. US-101 and CA-1 will then give you plenty of scenic coast and bring you into to San Francisco over the Golden Gate Bridge. Depending on how you're doing Grants Pass or Crescent City would make a good overnight stop.


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