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    Hi all,

    Me and my friends are in the very early stages of planning a road trip across the States for late July/early August in 2011.

    Our original plan includes flying to NY from the UK and pick up a hire car/van/RV and then drive it all the way across America to LA taking in all the best places along the way - some of my friends mentioned wanting to see Boston, Chicago, Miami and New Orleans (i'm sure these people have no concept of the sheer size of the USA!)

    We planned for this taking around 3 weeks but are generally a little unsure about timings e.g. how many places we could fit in in this time and how long we'd be driving each day.

    Any other info about vehicle hire/general road trip tips and good spots to see for us first timers would be massively appreciated.



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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    You are absolutely right about your friends "misunderestimating" the size of the US. While you possibly could include all the cities you've listed in a three week RoadTrip, it would leave you running hither and yon, spending way too much time in the car, and seeing only the urban areas, which - truth be told - aren't all that different from London, Manchester and Liverpool. So, I'd strongly suggest the next step in your planning be to get a good wall-sized map of the US, and print out the questions posed in the RoadTrip Compatibility Quiz and meet at some pub conducive to a 'discussion' and have at it. Work out what you want to see and how you want to go about seeing it. While you'll have time to wander off the most direct route, something as crooked as what you've listed will put a crimp in your ability to use your time to greatest effect.

    Also, note that renting an RV will be neither cost effective (it will cost more than a comfortable sedan plus motel rooms) nor a good urban exploration vehicle (getting around town in and parking something big enough for 3 or 4 young men will not be an easy task). There will also be a much higher one-way drop-off fee for an RV. If you are under 25, you can expect some hefty 'underage' driver fees for each and every one of you who plans to get behind the wheel at any point during your trip. If you are under 21, you will have a very difficult to impossible task even finding someone willing to rent to you at any price.

    So, once you've got the basics of a route and travel style worked out, we can help filling some of the gaps. But right now there's just not enough of a solid foundation for us to add on to or comment on.


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