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    Hey Folks,

    My gfriend and I are driving down to New Orleans from New York next week for law school at Tulane, and we would love some advice from folks who have made the trip. We are planning on taking the most direct route, shooting down I-81S. We are going to try to make it to Knoxville the first day and then spend a day in the Smoky Mountains, but I was wondering if folks could recommend places to stop for the night if we don't make it all the way to Knoxville. Also would be interested in places to spend the second night. Birmingham? Memphis?

    We're interested in cultural sites, good food, good hotels, etc. Also- we're an interracial couple and although I realize that the you can't really generalize about regions- from my experience more rural area across the country tend to be less comfortable with us.


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    NYC to Knoxville is over 700 miles, and is a bit of a stretch to do in just one day. Following our normal recommendations, your first overnight should be in Wytheville (530 miles), with Bristol (600 miles) being about as far as you should try to go.

    Following the same formula, the second night should be Chattanooga (500 miles), but you could make it from Knoxville (600 miles).

    To put this in perspective, a 600 mile day on the Interstates will take you about 12 hours including fuel, food, and potty stops.

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