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    First time poster, first time reader.

    Clearly, I haven't had many opportunities to road trip.

    Since I will be beginning my final year of college this fall and have never had a spring break VACATION, my girl friend and I are planning a road trip to Boston for St. Patrick's Day. I have an aunt I can stay with in Boston, so that won't be a problem. We just need help figuring out what we are going to do/visit/see along the way. We will probably be leaving Saturday, March 12, which gives us Saturday - Wednesday for the trip there, but it would be nice to be there by Tuesday afternoon. It gives us some leeway on what we can visit, but I feel like Carhenge would be too far out of the way. However, that is along the lines of what we would like to see, along with any of the famous national landmarks and such.

    So if anyone has some thoughts of interesting things to see or routes to take, we would really appreciate it. Thank you!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    "Texas" is a pretty big target for a starting point, since driving across the state alone can be more than a days drive. (Just to put in perspective how big of an area we're talking about, if you're in Texarkana, you're actually closer to Chicago than you are to El Paso!)

    Taking a guess that you might be starting in Austin, you're looking at basically a 4 day drive, so your goal of getting there by Tuesday afternoon is possible, although pushing it a bit if you want to make much any stops. A direct route would include cities like Memphis and Nashville, The Great Smokey Mountains, and a slight detour could include any of the major east coast cities like DC, Philly, or NYC.

    Of course, that's just one of hundreds of possible routes. For a couple hundred extra miles, you could go up to Chicago and over, or Across through Atlanta and up, or pretty much anything in between. Just keep in mind that as you extend yourself and start looking to make more stops, getting there by Tuesday afternoon will start to get more difficult.

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    Texas is a BIG state, it would help if we knew where in Texas you will be leaving from!

    For sake of argument, Austin to Boston is a 4 day drive via fastest route, so most of your time is going to be eaten up just driving. Your stops are going to have to be near the route, and kept fairly brief.

    EDIT: Looks like Michael types faster than me - it appears we are on the same page.

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    Yea, I definitely meant to include that in the post...

    But anyway, I can leave from either College Station or Dallas.

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    Default Tues or sightseeing ?

    Starting from either you can quite comfortably make it there for Tues afternoon and say, stop and look around Memphis in the evening and other selected places for the night, but if you want to go far from the main routes and do sight seeing, like in the Smokies you would most likely need to go into Weds. If you wanted to stop in Memphis then you would be looking at stopping around Abingdon VA and somewhere between [or around] Allentown PA and New York for the run to Boston.

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    Default Fickle late Winter weather in the Smokies and Blue Ridge

    It's always nice to see folks considering a visit to my home state of North Carolina, be it to the Smokies or the Blue Ridge. I must, however, caution folks considering a March trip to the NC mountains: It can be quite cold and snowy. At elevations of, say, 3,500' and up, the climate is roughly equivalent to southern Canada at sea level. In 1993, the "Storm of the Century" dumped +6' of snow in parts of the Smokies and Blue Ridge, and March 2010 saw some 4' on the ground and near-zero temperatures around March 5-7 in Boone, NC. Much of the Blue Ridge Parkway, and I suspect nearly all of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, were closed then.

    Do consider a visit, but keep an eye on the weather as your March travel dates approach.


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