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  1. Default Looking for advice on our road trip in 3 weeks time!!

    Hello everyone.

    I have posted before about the possiblity of a roadtrip starting in Canada and hitting New York etc, one thing and another that was not to happen and me and my partner decided to travela round italy instead... well again this is no longer happening and the pull of the states has taken over :)

    I am looking for advice, or at least pointers for our trip, we travel mid August for 2 weeks. I have a few destinations in mind, please find listed below, but there are many gaps

    New York 3 nights - not sure which is the best area to stay to make the most of the stay
    Fly to Las Vegas - hire a car. Stay in Las Vegas for possibly 2 nights - probably on the strip to soak up the bright lights.
    Now this is the really tricky bit... travelling around for 8/9 days flying back to the UK from LAs Vegas
    During this bit we would like to go to the Grand Canyon and have a stay in the National Park. We like to do alot of hiking and would be great to get a couple of good walks in (work off some of that great American food), but would also like to take in the scenery of the area. I would like to stay in some motels-for the experience, plus as we won't be spending much time in the rooms, seems a waste to spend lots on fancy hotels

    All pointers will be appreciated, as we are getting very close to the time, and trawling the net is getting to be a minefield

    Many many thanks

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    Default Not so tricky.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    With a look around the RTA forums and Roadtrip routes you will find lot's of useful info and the only "tricky" bit will be deciding on what and how much to squeeze into your time frame. For some great scenery and hikes you only have to look within a short distance from Vegas. A small loop trip and you could head to the South rim of the Grand canyon, Monument valley, Page, [Lake Powell/Antelope canyon] Bryce canyon, Zion NP and Valley of Fire on the way back to Vegas. Spreading yourself out a little you could continue through Mexican hat from Monument valley and past Goosenecks State park up the Mokee dugway on 261 to 95 to Hanksville and 24 past Capitol Reef to Torrey and then the wonderful drive on Utah scenic byway 12 through Escalante to Bryce, Zion etc. It would be possible to streeeecch even further and go to Moab and Arches NP but that might take to much time for some quality hiking. Zion is great for this and if you have a head for heights check out the Angels landing hike.

    You will have trouble finding any lodgings inside the National parks and will have to do some digging around to see what's available in nearby towns as it is peak season. I would check out your options, where and how far you want to travel with the time you have and start to look at suitable locations for overnight stops.

    Once you have some pieces of the puzzle in place we can help you to "fine tune" your trip and make suggestions.

    You might want to do a search for the Mokee Dugway, it's a rather "interesting mountain road.

    A pic.

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    Thanks Dave, this is great information. With all the places that are within a short distance from Vegas, we may even stay there a couple of extra nights (due to cheap hotels) and drive to places during the day. Angels landing looks truely amazing, we will be sure to fit that into our schedule. Also does Mokee Dugway - thanks for the pic.

    We shall be putting together a bit of an itinerary this weekend (including alot of your good info) and will let you know

    Thanks again :)

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    Default Re: The Mokee Dugway

    Be sure to stop by Muley Point before descending (or after ascending). It has one of he absolutely most spectacular views anywhere.

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    Default Try a Loop Trip

    Since you are starting and ending in Las Vegas, you might want to check out these three day-trips from there to Grand Canyon, Glen Canyon, Zion Canyon and Bryce Canyon. The only thing missing is the trip back down I-15 to Las Vegas, and even that can be made more interesting if you detour down to Valley of Fire and Lake Powell on the way back.

    You can drive all of that in four days, but if you include some hiking, you can probably stretch it out to 6-7 days and see some of the best sights in that area. I hope this helps.

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    Thanks Harry. The loop trip seems like a good idea indeed :)

    Only 10 days to go now... I have ordered maps in order to fine tune where to stay - so I'm not booking places too far away from our route. The maps seem to be taking forever to arrive, I must chase them.

    I really would like to to do the Angels landing hike, but on the website map, it looks like a one way route, can this be looped around to end up back at the car?

    Could anyone advise of a good - reasonable priced helicopter trip over the Grand Canyon. It is only a possibility at the monent, as we have been told that it is a fantastic experience, but as we will be visiting the Grand Canyon, I guess the views will be completely different.

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    Default Angels and Helicopters !

    Angels landing is an out and back hike of 4 to 5 hours and can get busy by all accounts. An early start would be advisable to get ahead of the crowds.

    For a helicopter tour we used Papillon heli tours from Grand canyon airport in Tusayan and it was a fantastic experience. We opted for the 50 min 'Imperial air tour' although there are 30 min options for less. It really is one of those "Once in a lifetime" moments.

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    Thanks again Dave :)

    'An early start would be advisable to get ahead of the crowds' - What time do you class as early? As you say it would be great to avoid the crowds. we hope to be staying closeby the night before, so it is possible to get there at a good time.

    Great info on the heli tours, what time would you recommend would be the best to appreciate all of the canyons glory? Can't miss out on a great experience.

    Do you think that it should be ok to do a strenuous walk at Grand canyon in August (heat is obviously a factor), we are confident hikers, but in the UK where the weather never reaches such temperatures!

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    Default Speak with the rangers.

    The "early birds" set out from the Trailhead by around 8am and by the time they are heading back, report it to be getting busier. I must admit I haven't yet been on this hike as the wife has a certain fear of heights, but one day....

    To be honest I am not sure of the "best time" for the Heli tour as we worked it into our schedule in the best way that we could which was between 2 and 3pm. A sunset on the rim is glorious but I am not sure how it would work from a Helicopter, as you get the shadows cast over the canyon. During the day you get great views of the Colorado river and North rim etc.

    As you say "strenuous walk" I presume you mean into the inner canyon ? On the rim when the temps are in there 80's you could quite easily expect to see temps in the inner canyon topping 100. There are always park rangers on hand to offer advice and give you up to date info, trail hiking times, weather forecast etc and if you decide to go carry lot's of salty snacks, water, sun hat's and cream. The rim hikes are not strenuous and along Hermits rest you can hop on and off the free shuttle buses if need be, but still carry the water and use sun protection.

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    I think we could manage 8am, now if you had said 6am, that may be a different matter. I have a fear of heights too...

    As you say, I think we'll just do what we can on the day when it comes to the Grand Canyon, take plenty of water and food and see what the weather is doing.

    I have been working on a bit of itinerary now, based on all the grat advice form members and other threads.

    New York 3 nights, fly to Las Vegas, stay over night set off for Grand Canyon around 7am (to catch the heli ride in the afternoon). Stay in Williams 2 nights (or closer if we can get a place to stay) maybe 3, dependant on time frame, (would like to do lots of hiking and enjoy the scenery) head off for Glen canyon - go via Mokee Dugway, stay overnight somewhere around Glen canyon??, head off for Zion NP, stay nearby... Hurricane or Springdale possibly 2 nights, head down to valley of fire and back to Las vegas for 2 nights to relax!! :)

    I hope that we can fit enough things in... I would appreciate any comments on if the towns are ok and possibly interesting. Also, is there anywhere in the route where we can swim outdoors, it would be great way to cool down


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