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    I got a job in Kanab, Utah and am planning on driving there as opposed to flying for a couple of reasons. First I want to see some more of the country, I am hoping that it will be cheaper, and I just plain need to have all of my camping gear in Utah for my job where I will actually be backpacking. So I have the equipment to camp out, I have just been reading that I shouldn't stay in just any campground but I really don't want to put out the expense for a hotel. I have taken long car trips before but never this far and never by myself. I am a college grad and 22 so slightly concerned. Basically I want ANY advice in general and would really like to know how long this trip would likely take and how much it will run me. Esp. gas! I am heading there in late august so I have a little time to plan the trip but I really need to figure out how long it will take me especially if I sightsee and any good sites along that path would be welcome

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    If you just want to get there via fastest route, it's 1870 miles from Columbus to Kanab, which is a 4 day drive, driving 10 or so hours a day including fuel, lunch, and bathroom/rest stops. This would be I-70 all the way to Sevier UT, then US-89 to Kanab. Suggested overnights would be St. Louis, Hays KS, and Grand Junction CO if you just want to use hotels. It's generally quite safe and economical to camp in state parks. However, how many days do you have to make this trip?

    What does your car average for gas mileage? We have a fuel cost calculator but at 20 mpg and $3 a gallon, that would be in the $250 to $300 range.

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    My car gets 30 to the gallon so still expensive but a little bit better. Technically I can make the trip however long I want, I just have to be there at a specific time so it would really depend on when I leave and I haven't made that decision yet. I don't really want to stay in hotels if at all possible but I do want to explore a little and see some pretty sights! I am currently looking in travel books to try and find the cool sights that would be along the way!

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    Default bad advice

    Quote Originally Posted by Mdewlover02 View Post
    So I have the equipment to camp out, I have just been reading that I shouldn't stay in just any campground but I really don't want to put out the expense for a hotel.
    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'm really curious where you've been reading that bit of bad advice? I can assure you if you that we've got plenty of solo women travelers on this forum, and plenty of them camp.

    I've always found camping to be a perfectly safe lodging option, and I can't think of a single time I've ever felt even a touch of concern. However, being by yourself you may want to take a couple extra precautions like staying only in larger facilities like state parks, national parks, private campgrounds, etc where there is always an on-site staff and/or campground host.

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