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  1. Default Visiting first Great Grandchild at Newport News, VA. : what else to see and do?

    My wife and I are excited about this trip. My Grandson is in the Navy, stationed in Norfolk. They just had their first child, and made us Great Grandparents. We are driving from near Knoxville , TN, first to just west of Fredericksburg, VA, to visit a niece, and aunt (sickness) and then on to Newport News, to see the baby. The trip will start about the middle of August and will end when we get tired and want to go home.

    I have heard, and I can see, there is a lot of interesting things to see and do along the way. I know I could pick some and maybe leave out the best out of ignorance, so I need help if anyone has any advice on MUST see attractions. We have visited Fredericksburg before, and the battle fields nearby, and we have visited the old cemetery (Hollywood?) in Richmond, and little else.

    Thanks, Clay

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    Default Some of the Best

    "Best" is, of course a personal matter, but I would easily classify the Historic Triangle just outside of Norfolk in that category. Within one very small area there's Jamestown, Williamsburg, and Yorktown, each of which I would take the time to visit if I got within a hundred miles. If you are history or architecture buffs, then Thomas Jefferson's Monticello outside Charlottesville would certainly be near the top of any To Do list. The other thing I think you should seriously consider is forging a new route on the way home. Although most mapping routines will tell you that the 'best' route between Newport News and Knoxville would have you going home by I-64 through Richmond to I-81 even if Fredericksburg is not on your itinerary, it's not that much longer to take US-58 through Dismal Swamp and across southern Virginia to I-85 at South Hill and pick up I-40 outside Durham, NC.

    And by the way: Congratulations. There aren't many families with 5 generations up and kicking at the same time!


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    Thanks, AZbuck.

    First, I had already planned to go home by way of Raleigh, NC, but I had not nailed down the route. Reason is I have a daughter and four Grand kids who live in Apex so we thought we should see them while we are in the area.

    How much time would you think it would require to give Monticello a proper visit. It wouldn't be out of the way much at all on the trip up, but it's a pretty long drive to get to Wilderness, NC. To see Monticello we might have to overnight in Charlottesville, but we could do that.

    Could one do Jamestown, Williamsburg, and Yorktown in one long day? It also looked to me as though there is a lot of sites noted on the map in and around Norfolk, and Virginia Beach. Is any of that worth seeing?

    And thank you; we love the idea of being Great Grandparents. : )


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    Default Monticello and the Historic Triangle

    Admission to Monticello ($17) includes a 30 minute tour of the ground floor of the house and two 45 minute walking tours of the plantation and gardens. Add in at least half an hour for parking, buying the tickets, between tour strolling, etc., and you're looking at around three hours to do the visit justice. You can, of course, spend less time there if you are of a mind or pressed for time. Personally, I can't see spending less than half a day, minimum, at any of the three locations in the Historic Triangle, and with the possible exception of perhaps a harbor tour for Naval buffs, I can't think of a single thing that would take precedence over any of its three locations.


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    That's exactly what I wanted to know.


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