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    Default LA to Vegas to SF

    I am planning a road trip in Aug/Sept. After a trip last year that involved PCH from SF to LA, I want to go UP this time. I will fly from UK to LA, so that is my starting point. The entire trip will be for 14/15 days.

    Ideally I would like to visit Vegas and Yosemite. I plan to drive up from LA to SF on the coast route, taking a few days. How long would it take to drive from SF down through Yosemite and Legas?

    I don't need a lot of detail as I am just at the rough planning stage.

    Regards, Trish

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    Default outline

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    SF to Vegas via Yosemite can be done in as little as 2 days, but 3 or 4 would certainly be better.

    A basic outline is that its a half day drive from SF to Yosemite. You then can easily take a full day going over Tioga Pass, and down US-395 towards Death Valley. Then you are just looking at a couple hours to get from Death Valley to Vegas. Certainly, you can easily spend a day or more in Yosemite, Death Valley, and the several cities and attractions in the towns in between.

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    Default Grand canyon ?

    With the time you have, I think you could quite comfortably include a trip from Vegas to the Grand canyon and spend a night or 2 before heading back to LA.

    Definitely give yourself a couple of day's in Yosemite, it is out of this world and has outstanding scenery.


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