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    Ledies & Gents,

    I'm from Sydney Australia. I'm planning my winter trip to the States Feb 2011 (already have the tickets). Flying to NY and then leaving from SanFran. About 5 weeks in total. Planning to spend about a week in NY, friends, family and so on. Then make my way to Salt lake city. For two weeks stay there and ski. Then back on the road to SanFran. So, I've been surfing my ass off trying to find the best route from NY to SLC.

    My initial plan was to catch Amtrack to Denver, get a car and drive to SLC. I've got plenty of time so need the best scenic route I can get, but whichever one doesn't get closed in winter. Preferebly via Rocky mountains.

    The next part would be from SLC to SF. Again I'm OK on time and need to find the best possible route to see Nevada and maybe California.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    Kind Regards

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    NYC to Denver is a 3 1/2 day drive via I-80/I-76. NYC to SLC is a full 4 day drive via I-80 all the way. Denver to SLC is a full day's drive via I-25/I-80. Salt Lake to SF is a day and a half via I-80.

    None of the Interstate highways in the US are routinely closed in the winter. They are all aggressively kept open except for very short-term closures when snow removal cannot keep up with a storm. They are vital for commerce and truckers need to use them 7/24/365. There may be occasional tire chain requirements in certain areas.

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    Default Why the RailRoad?

    Taking Amtrak from New York to Denver will take 2 full days and cost about $550 for minimal sleeping accommodations (although if you can just sit in a coach seat for 2 days, then the cost drops to about $180). You can drive it in 4 very easy days by a number of different routes for less than $300 in gas and maybe $250 in lodging. While the train relieves you of any driving responsibilities, there is a lot to see between New York and Denver that you'd miss out on by sticking to the rails. We are, of course, prejudiced, but I have to wonder why you're taking the train for that segment when you will be taking on the expense of a car rental in any event?


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    OK. I'm not dead set on train. 4 days does make it a bit of a stretch but I suppose I could consider it. That's what I'm kinda looking for. Some scenic routes. Interstates are surely convinient and fast, but it's not what I'm looking for. I'm also constreined by the time of year. I'm not sure how doable the routes would be in winter.

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    Between NYC and Denver, you should have no problem off the Interstates in winter, but you would be hard pressed to make it to Denver in 4 days if you don't take primarily Interstates.

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