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    We are planning a driving holiday for late spring/early summer 2011. Initial plans are:

    Los Angeles
    San Diego
    Grand Canyon
    Las Vagas
    Death Valley
    San Francisco

    I hope someone will be able to advise:
    1. Does this look do-able in a 16 night trip?
    2. Does this route look a sensible way to travel? Would it be better North to South?
    3. Is it possible to drive part of the Pacific Highway on this route?
    4. Could we fit in a trip to the Hoover Dam, if so where would it sit in this plan?
    5. Any suggestions about how we should split our time during the trip? We are interested in seeing some of the history and natural world and of course major tourist attractions.

    Any suggestions or help is very much appreciated.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The route you are looking at really is the most popular trip discussion on this forum, and if you spend a little time looking around you'll find all sorts of great tips and advice. These are a good place to start.

    The route you've selected is a perfectly fine one, however, if you want to see the Pacific Coast - and likely reduce some costs at the same time - it would make sense just to finish the loop and going back down to LA.

    The Hoover Dam is on the direct route from the Grand Canyon to Las Vegas.

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    Michael Many thanks for the quick reply and links. There's so much helpful stuff on here!

    Kind Regards

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    Default Nice trip.

    As Michael has said, to see the Pacific highway it would make most sense to complete the loop, you have the time and heading South to LA will put the pull outs and Ocean on your side of the road.

    A popular route from Death valley to Yosemite is by way of the Tioga pass [CA120] but that can remain closed until well into June. You can see the previous dates using the link in this thread. It's not a major issue but could mean you will have to head South via the Bakersfield area or continue North towards Tahoe, how far will depend on the status of the other Sierra Nevada passes.

    An overnight stop between SD and GC and you could go through Joshua tree NP on the way. A day in Death valley and a couple in each of the other places you mention [including travel time] would be a nice balance and that would leave you a couple of day's to travel down the coast before flying out.

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    Completing the loop may also give you lower airfare and car rental costs.

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