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    My husband and I are driving to a wedding in Saratoga Springs over Sept 11th Weekend! Since he is going to Vegas without me in August I am dragging him on a road trip! We have anywhere from 3-5 days to get to New York and only 1 1/2 to get home. We are looking for some fun stops! We love hiking, camping, rafting...beginner to medium ability...Amusement parks, wineries, all sporting events, totally random side stops! We are pretty boaring people but are way open to suggestions! Would like to do some camping. Would like to do Lake George. Thanks For your Sugestions and Help!

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    moreau lake state park is a nice place to camp/stay. Its about 10 miles past Saratoga. There is so much to do in Saratoga and tons of hiking around Lake George. There is also an amusement park in Lake George calledd The Great Escape.

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    You're going to be restricted by the day and a half you have for your return to taking I-90 all the way home, and with no real time for much besides driving. So that means you'll have to get your RoadTrip thrills on your 3-5 days eastbound. For that drive, I'd suggest that you try to stay off Interstates altogether and just enjoy wandering the Midwest and Appalachians. If you take I-65 south from Gary, you'll soon come to US-30 which is a four lane road through much of Indiana and Ohio, and I'd stay on it until Canton (Football Hall of Fame - throw your husband a bone). From there, US-62/OH-44 would take you north to I-76/I-80 around Youngstown, but then hop on OH-7 north to US-322 east. This will hook you up with US-6 across northern Pennsylvania, through Allegheny National Forest, past the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania, to Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. From there US-209/US-9 will take you up the Hudson Valley to the Albany area. So have a look at that routing and see if you don't think it meets your needs. Finding the specific activities you've mentioned will be a lot easier on those roads than along the turnpikes.


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    If you have an I-Pass, bring it. You will need it for the drive home, you will be taking toll roads all the way, and it will be accepted in IN, OH, and NY. If you don't have one, now is the time to get one, you can get one at most Jewel-Oscos.

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