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  1. Default Advice on roadtrip from Vancouver to Las Vegas and back

    I am an Irish national travelling to Vancouver with 2 friends in mid november. We plan on staying a week in Vancouver then going to Las Vegas for new years but i want to see some of America on the way. Nothing is certain yet but i was thinking of

    a) Renting a camper van
    b) Buying a road worthy car and staying in motels

    Any sort of advice/tips would be much appreciated, also any cool place to stay for christmas day?

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    "A" is certainly an option but would almost certainly be dearer than renting a car and staying in Motels and you could find some pretty cold nights.

    "B" Well B isn't an option, you can't just buy a car and jump in it, you would need to be a resident with an address for the registration and other paper work, get it insured and so on. We have never seen anyone from over sea's manage to do this successfully, and financially wouldn't be worth it unless it was a minimum of 3 Months, probably more.

    Have a look around the forums and other RTA pages [such as Roadtrip routes section] with a good map to hand and start looking for places that are of interest to you. At this time of year in the mountains it will be in "winter mode" so you will have to check on conditions in certain area's.

    When you have done some research and new questions arise, just ask.

    Enjoy the planning !

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    I am assuming you mean Vancouver BC?

    One thing to think about regarding a camper van is that some of the larger companies frequently have one way rentals in the fall. I recall one company had a deal of picking up Between Vancouver/Seattle and dropping off outside phoenix for about $50 a day. It had a max of 10 days, and November might be a bit late.

    Going straight through, I think it would be about a 24 hour drive from Vancouver to Las Vegas. however, Do recall that the roads between BC and Nevada can get a bit of ice and snow, even this early.

    Sites between here and there are many and varied. You can go through California, or go through mountain west and see all the national parks. The mountain route would also provide an opportunity to hit the world class skiing in Utah/Colorado. Just depends on your interests.

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    Vancouver to Las Vegas should not be done in any less than 2.5 days. It's about 1400 miles by direct routes.

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