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    Hi All: I just joined the group and love some road trips! My FiancÚ and I planning to go to Niagara falls for a long weekend (first weekend in August). I have never been to this area before and am unfamiliar with the drive. I would love have any suggestions on routes and places to stop on the way. I understand that it is about 8 hours from Baltimore; I feel that I can do it a one day. I am planning to leave around 6am and take it from there.
    Any suggestions are appreciated.

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    The quickest route on the mapping system I use is to head on I-83 north from Baltimore to Harrisburg PA. From there you could get on US-15 all the way into New York where you can get I-86 west. I-86 hooks up with I-390 and you would take that north to the merge with NY 63. From there get on I-90 west to 290 and finally 190 to loop around Buffalo and to get to Niagara.

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    This is a 400 mile drive, so you will essentially have to take the most direct routes. My mapping program says the fastest is I-83 to Harrisburg, US-15 to Corning, I-86 to Avoca, I-390 to Rochester, and the NY Thruway to Buffalo.

    (Yes, you can cut a corner off by taking NY-63 from Geneseo to Batavia)

    You could take that going up, and a different way back. I show the following as being very similar in miles and time:

    US-219 to just before Brockway, PA-153 to I-80 to Clearfield, PA-970 to US-322 to Philipsburg, PA-350 to I-99 to I-70 to Baltimore.

    To allow for stops and possible traffic, I'd allow 10 hours each way.

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