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    In Fall2008,my wife and I flew into JFK from our home in Singapore,hired a car and had our most fabulous holiday ever in our 62 years.In 5 weeks,we drove upstate NewYork through the Finger Lakes into Niagara in Canada, up the St Lawrence River(Thousand Islands!),through Quebec,New Brunswick,Nova Scotia,Cape Breton,then down to Maine,Vermont,
    NewHampshire,Massachusetts,Connecticut before returning to JFK for the flight home.We spent 2 or 3 days in each place we fancied.Īn addition to enjoying the grandeur of God's world, we met lovely "locals"(usually in bars!), visited museums,attended plays, and had fabulous food.It was easy to find accomodation without reservations.

    We have 3 weeks in September 2010, and are wondering if we could do something similar in the Pacific NorthWest .We need to spend about 2 days in Newburg,OR with relatives and 4 days in Vancouver,Canada.Otherwise, we are fancy free.

    We would appreciate suggestions on the route, and the "must dos".

    Thank you.


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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    While much of the Pacific Northwest forest is composed of conifers and other evergreens, there are enough hardwoods mixed in to make 'leaf peeping' there a highly rewarding experience. There are two absolute 'musts' for great pictures during their foliage season, late September to mid-October. The first is easily accessible and a true joy to drive: the old Historic Columbia River Highway. Besides the river and rolling hill vistas, be sure to take at least a few short hikes off the road to visit some of the many spectacular waterfalls which do this route. The other is not so easy to get to, requiring some driving and navigation (well beyond the capabilities of my GPS when I visited - get a good paper map!) and that is Trilium Lake near the town of Government Camp, OR, which is perfectly gorgeous and perfectly situated to reflect snow-capped Mount Hood in its tranquil blue waters. Besides those two, here are a few ideas for a general routing northward, and during your time in Vancouver I would highly recommend that you take the ferry from Tsawwassen over to Swartz Bay and Victoria.


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