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    I was going to try to plan a road trip with an RV to cross USA, Coast to coast. Is there any books you might suggest for me to refer too. All info regarding the trip is welcome.

    What is the best time to do the trip?
    What are the best and nicest Routes?
    How much would it cost me?

    We will be a group of 4 people and coming from Europe, so some help would be greatly appreciated from experienced road trippers !!!! :)


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The questions you're asking are good ones, and important ones, however they are also a bit too open ended to give you a good answer. Basically every thing you asked will depend in large part on you and how you want to go about your trip.

    A lot of the background you can get by taking a look around this site, particularly the planning section. There is also an entire section of book reviews. You'll find both of those areas by clicking the links in the green and black title bar at the top of the page.

    There are advantages and disadvantages to any time of year, although I will say in general my favorite time would be Sept and October, as the weather is generally nice, its past the peak crowds of summer, and you can see the trees changing color - however even there, a trip to the Southeast would mean that you are in peak Hurricane season, and if you were going to New England you could see heavy crowds of people enjoying the colors.

    Best and nicest routes is an impossible question to answer, as there are millions upon millions of possibilities. At the very least, you need to figure out where you are starting and finishing (New York to LA is a very different trip than Seattle to Miami but both are coast to coast) as well as the major points of interest that you wish to stop at. Once you've got those ideas in place, then your route will start to come together.

    Cost depend a whole lot on how you are traveling. Car/Motels or an RV or other options? Cooking your own food or eating out? Spending time in cities going to shows, theme parks, museums, clubs, etc or spending time outdoors hiking, relaxing, etc? A very very rough estimate is $100 per person per day, plus car rental and airfare expenses, however all of those other things can cause that number to swing rather significantly.

    Once you've got a few of those other basics down, we can give you better answers to these questions and help you fill in the blanks for the rest of the trip.

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