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  1. Default Western NY to California and back. In the winter

    The wife and I are retirees and want to make the treck to the West Coast this winter. Obviously we want to escape the harsh winters of the North so we want to track South and then West. Can some one suggest a trip where we can avoid the snow (most of the time) and see differnt things going west and returning? We are figuring 4-6 weeks.

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    With a trip that takes you across the country in Winter, it is just impossible to say where you might meet a winter storm head on. If you just want to get out West and then start exploring, the most direct route on Interstate would make most sense and that would come down to where you are headed in the West. If you want to explore a little on the way there and back then I suggest at this point that you start looking for what route and possible places of interest appeal to you, and start to build your route from that, rather than trying to guess what the weather might do. Interstates are kept clear most of the time as priority and if in the case of a winter storm, you could just pull into a rest area or Motel for a few hours/night and let the road crews do their work. If the weather is kind then you can start considering going off the main routes and do some sight seeing but don't plan your route around the weather at this early stage.

    It's about 6 full days of driving to get across country so you certainly have time to take it easy. Get a good map out and look around the RTA site for suggestions and when you have a few dots on the map we can help join them up.

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