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    Hey everyone, new here to the site but love the whole community so far. Myself (19) and a buddy (looking for two more to join...) are planning a trip out to Yellowstone from the Boston area. We feel like we are prepared for the journey, we have quick stops planned in Niagara Falls, a little longer in Chicago, overnight at Mt. Rushmore and then finally ending at Yellowstone. We are just curious if anyone has done this route from the East Coast (Boston Area)? As this is our first big trip we aren't sure of the timing for the trip and stops. We are planning a 9-10 day trip there and back, too short or too long? I would love some insight about our trip and any suggestions for us. Anything is appreciated. Thanks. Evan.

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    Default Too short.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    The round trip is equivalent of 9 long day's on the road, so other than driving there, turning around and heading back it's too short. I wouldn't take any notice of what a mapping program might tell you, but in "real world" estimates trying to cover 500 miles a day is 9-10 hours behind the wheel with time for short breaks for food and gas etc while sticking to main routes. There is no way to safely cover almost a 1000 miles in a day as it is from Chicago to Rushmore.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    If this is a round trip, you really need to add a little more time. Doing the trip as you've described is going to take 5 days just to get there.

    Its nearly a full day drive to Niagara Falls, leaving you time to spend a little time looking around once you arrive in the late afternoon/early evening.

    There to Chicago is a full day on the road, that's possible, but with little time for anything extra.

    And then Chicago to Rapid City is 900+ miles - that's basically a 2 full day trip - and can't safely be done in one day.

    And then you're still another long day of driving to Yellowstone - so that's 5 days already gone.

    Even if you turned right around and sprinted home, just planning overnight stops at regular 600 mile intervals (12 hours on the road, and the longest you should really plan even with multiple drivers) you need 4 days to get back.

    At the minimum, if you did no sightseeing at all on the way, you need 8 days for the driving alone. I would plan for this trip to take a full 2 weeks, so you can have a reasonable and enjoyable trip each way, and still have time to explore yellowstone.

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    Thanks for the insight, both help me for sure.

    Glad to be on board

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