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    I'll be taking a roadtrip after the Wanderlust yoga festival in Lake Tahoe area. I was wondering if anyone had a few suggestions. I have a weeks worth of time and have to rent a car either in Tahoe or Reno and drop off in Seattle. Has anyone ever done one way rental cars and is it a huge rip off? Other route suggestions would be desireable. I would like to hit Cannon beach and Astoria if possible before getting to Portland and continuing up to Seattle.

    anything is welcome. I am flying originally from Phoenix to Reno , also was wondering if renting a car from Phoenix and driving the whole way would be less expensive...however I think it would average out to be the same as flying into Reno .

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    You will have to start comparing rental companies, the one way dropoff fee can vary widely.

    If you want to drive from Phoenix to Reno, please keep in mind that this cannot be done safely in one day. Again, you have to compare companies and do the math to see what the relative expenses would be. If you drive, you will have to add a night's lodging to the budget.

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