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  1. Default Goin from SD to Denver Co- Give me a path full of fun things to see!

    Need some help planning the road trip from Sioux Falls SD to Denver Co this August. Please send me suggestions of cool things to see and drive to along the "Worlds Largest Frying Pan" will be left behind! Were looking for crazy yet fun things to do and see, we dont have kids but we are photographers who will still like the scenic paths too.

    Help, Help!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Sioux Falls to Denver is a little tricky for sightseeing only because of the distance. The trip is just barely on the edge of what you can do in a long day on the road, so if you're doing the trip in one day its very difficult to start taking scenic detours or planning for lots of stops.

    If you're doing this over 2 days, then a ton of options open up, and then it leads to the question of which way do you prefer to go - do you want to spend most of your time in Nebraska, or do you want to go across SD, even over through the badlands and black hills before going south?

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    Default The dust is still settling............

    .........from my trips across Nebraska enroute to Montana and back home. I crossed on the way out on the 9th and 10th, and on the way back on the 24th.

    North-central Nebraska is Sandhills country, one of the largest grass-stabilized sand dune fields on the planet, some 20,000 square miles of irregular sand hills (some 200-400' high), small streams, pothole lakes, huge ranches, and tiny towns.

    From SD, I'd look at entering at Valentine, NE, and would there visit Fort Niobrara. The Niobrara River is a great place for a paddling trip (flatwater) and as wet as it's been, there's plenty of water in the river and lots of current. Outfitters abound in Valentine.

    An overnight stay I'd planned but had to abort was at the Double R Guest Ranch, near Mullen, NE, where the operators are 3rd generation ranchers and one of the buildings is the schoolhouse attended by their family and neighbors kids. Horseback riding and fishing the lake are among the daytime activities. Stargazing, given that towns with lots of lights are well away, dominates the nighttime activity. If your trip includes the Perseid meteor shower date(s) (Aug 10-11?) the Sandhills might just be one of the most spectacular places to see it in the Lower 48.

    In the NW corner of Nebraska lies Fort Robinson State Park, a nice facility with a nice, shaded campground. Close by are Chadron, NE, home of the Sandoz High Plains Center and the Museum of the Fur Trade. Fort Robinson and Chadron are west of the Sandhills and the topography is High Plains buttes, mesas, and valleys. On the trip out I enjoyed a fresh-baked pastry purchased in Crawford at 0530 and consumed while standing beside my truck some 20 miles north as the sun rose over the table-land to the east. In 30 minutes time, a single vehicle passed my pullout. Beautiful!

    At Mullen, NE, more paddling is available on the Dismal River, and there you can partake in "tanking" the river. Tanking involves galvanized steel livestock water tanks, some 12' in diameter and 3' deep, and the "tankers" simply sit inside as the group floats lazily down the river. It looks like a blast, and the outfitter picks you up and returns you to Mullen.

    The whole of the route between Grand Island, NE and Alliance, NE is the Sandhills Journey along NE-2 and I recommend it heartily. Broken Bow, NE looks like a neat place to spend a night and a morning.

    Be aware of the annual Harley Davidson gathering in Sturgis, SD from about Aug 9-15. I traversed SD along I-90 from Belle Fourche to Murdo a few days ago and it was clear that between extensive construction zones and the hordes of ridden and towed Harleys, I-90 might well be avoided entirely for a couple or three weeks. Based on experience from 8 years ago, the motels and campgrounds for a good 4-500 miles all around will be busy during the week prior and following the rally, too.

    Enjoy the planning and the Road Trip!


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