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    We are from the UK and thinking of taking a driving trip along part of the Lewis and Clark Trail, probably for 2 weeks.

    We are planning to start in St Louis, then take in St Charles, Jefferson City, Kansas City, St Joseph and maybe finish in and fly back from Omaha.

    We are interested in US history generally, particularly Lewis and Clark and the settling of the West, and like interesting and historic B&Bs, inns and hotels.

    Any advice, thoughts and ideas on lodging would be appreciated.



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    When I first read your plans, I thought "Why are they doing the middle of the Trail?" But in fact following any portion of that epic journey will be a rewarding effort. Certainly the St. Louis is a great place to start. Two places you must visit would be the Museum of Westward Expansion under the Gateway Arch, and the Lewis And Clark State Memorial Park on the Illinois side of the Mississippi a few miles north of I-270. St. Charles is a quaint and historic river city, worth visiting in its own right if just to stroll down its well maintained streets along the Missouri. I didn't visit any Lewis and Clark sites in Kansas City, but one tour I did take was of Harry Truman's Home in nearby Independence and I highly recommend it to American history buffs. Other bits of history on your route include the Pony Express Museum in St. Joseph, and the Missouri River Basin Interpretive Center in Nebraska City.


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    Thanks, they look great suggestions, exactly the type of thing we are looking for.
    We are planning to start from St Louis as that is where Lewis and Clark started from. Maybe we can follow the whole trail in time!
    Regards, David

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