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    I'll be losing my job at the end of the month. Sometime in August, my wife and I will set out to do a Highway 50 tour, starting in Ocean City, Maryland and ending in California. We've set aside 30-46 days for the trip, but if it goes longer, so be it.

    Any advice on what to expect or what to prepare ourselves for? We've never done anything like this before and the longest road-trip we've ever taken was 3-5 hours and only a few hundred miles. We'll be talking our pick-up truck, clothes and a cooler. That's about it. We plan to stop along the way to eat, rest and sleep and when we get to a place that's really interesting to us, they're no hurry to move on. Like I said, I really don't have any deadlines I'm dealing with.

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    What kind of budget do you have for this trip? Where are you planning on sleeping?

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    Our budget is pretty much unlimited. The plan was to use the GPS along the way to find places to stay at night to sleep, shower, etc.

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    Default Serendipity and an Inquiring Mind are Your Greatest Resources

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Years ago, National Geographic ran a series of articles where they simply drove the length of major US highways and reported on what they found. I vividly remember US-1 and US-40 because they intersected near the home where I was growing up. What I remember mostly about these articles, though, was their emphasis on both the history found by the roadside and the lives of the people there today. The history you can research a bit, but as for the current lives along the road, you'll need to check in often at local visitor centers, talk to your waitresses, listen to local AM radio, and be willing to follow any leads that sound interesting. You can start with a little background, but note that the term "Loneliest Road" really only applies to the section across northern Nevada.


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    A few years ago one of our members did a Coast to Coast trip on US-50, he provided an excellent field report that I think will be perfect for your planning.

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    Thanks for the feedback folks. Good stuff.

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