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    My partner and I are looking to do a 3-4 week road trip around Alaska next year (I'm guessing summer will be the only time for this weather wise). Having never been to Alaska before I would really appreciate any advice on when to go, where to go, where to stay, what to see etc.

    The whole point of the trip will be to see plenty of beautiful landscape, lots of wildlife and do plenty of hiking.

    Many thanks.

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    I'm a little curious about your plans. Are you planning to fly to Alaska and spend 3-4 weeks driving around, or are you planning to do a 3-4 week trip where you are driving to Alaska? If that's the case, where are you starting from.

    Obviously, Alaska is a huge state and all the things you want to do can be found all over the place, so do you have any ideas that you know for sure you want to check out?

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    We are planning to fly from UK to Alaska to do a 3-4 week road trip. I know we couldn't fly directly to Alaska from UK so we were thinking of flying into Seattle, spending 3 nights there then flying up to Alaska (Anchorage I guess) then having around 2.5-3 weeks there then flying back to Vancouver, spending 3 nights there before flying back to UK.

    I know we definately want to spend time in Denali hiking etc, want to see glaciers and would love to do some hiking on one (guided hike I imagine as no experience), see bears, go whale watching, but apart from that I'm open to suggestions. Lots of beautiful mountains and landscape is what we are after!

    The only thing we know we want to avoid is one night stops, the occasional one is fine but we would rather spend 2-3 nights or more in each place as much as possible. Having done several 1 night stops in SW USA in June this year we decided they are a bit too exhausting!

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    My partner and I were also planning a road trip, sounding very similar to yoursand with the same intentions. Bu tisnce we're flying in from hawaii, we will need a rental car. The rental rates we found are $1000.00 a week. that totally threw us off. We changed out plans and are doing our 1st cruise thru inside passage instead and in early Sept. We're so excited!

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