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    Default Road trip from Dallas to ???

    Hey everyone,

    I've never done a road trip solo before, but I was hoping to plan one for the end of this month for about 5 days (my schedule is flexible). I was wondering if y'all had any good ideas about:
    a. how far I could/should go to get the most out of the trip
    b. what are some really great places to see and
    c. how I can best keep my trip low-budget.

    I know this is a lot to ask, seeing as I have no destination or even direction chosen yet, but any ideas will help!

    FYI: I do have a good amount of out-of-country travel experience, and am very adaptable. I also love the outdoors and would really like to do some horseback riding during my trip (real riding not just led trail-rides, although with liability nowadays real riding is difficult to find). Thanks so much!!

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    Default a great big target

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    It always hard to tell someone else where to go for a roadtrip, because that really is one of the basic things that goes into the first step of planning. Its also hard because the number of things you could do on an open ended request like this is fairly unlimited. "getting the most out of a trip" is one of those things that really depends upon you - building a trip that caters to your own goals and prefered style far more than any sort of distance recommendation.

    With about 5 days available, you could really go up to about 1,000 miles from home - figuring 2 days out, 1 day there, and 2 days back. To give you an idea just how much territory that would cover, Some of your options on the extremes would range from The Grand Canyon, the Black Hills, Chicago, the Smokey Mountains, and Orlando. Obviously, those are on the outside edge of where you could go, and you could always cover much less ground if you want to actually spend a couple days at your destination and less time driving to get there.

    But what I would do in your shoes is get out a good map, draw a circle around that general area and just take a look at what lies in the middle and see if something jumps out at you. Many times that is enough to make an idea jump out at you.

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