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    Hi all, my wife and I are coming over from Australia for an event in Vegas and then have from the 26th August to the 13th September to fulfil a dream trip through California. We have not set an itinerary yet and are looking for expert input to start the process. We have attempted to hire a camper but none available, so looks like car and hotels or whatever we can come up with. We fly out of LA on the 14th of september late. Our interests are not of the theme park type. We would love to see and experience things that we wouldn't get anywhere else. We are both foodies and love our wine and beer. Thanking in advance for any help.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I find it very odd that you can't find an RV available. You are right at the end of the peak summer season, but I'm surprised that you can't find anything. There's certainly nothing wrong with doing the trip in a car, but if that is a priority for you, I'd think you'd be able to find something if you look a bit harder.

    In any case, with regards to your trip, about the most popular trip on this forum would be one where you would go across death valley, across Tioga Pass through Yosemite, onto Napa and San Francisco, and then head down the coast to LA. That would seem like it would be right up your alley, and since that is the most popular trip on this forum, there are lots of other threads with ideas - these area good starting point - that you can use to start building your trip plan.

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    the problem is not getting an rv but a smaller camper as only a few company's do these smaller vehicles. Thanks for the heads up on the other posts.

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    Default A compact ?

    I guess you have tried these guys in Vegas for a camper ? As you say they are quite rare and because of that cost more than a larger RV. Have you considered or checked availability on 19ft compact RV such as this one ?

    Camping in the National parks is a great experience if that's "your thing" and being able to stay in the heart of nature for $20 a night where all other lodgings are expensive is a bonus. Don't expect it to be the budget choice though, it'll still be dearer than car and Motels with just the 2 of you sharing the cost.

    Once you have had a look around and new questions pop up, just ask and we help to "fine tune" your trip. In the link Michael gave you will find our RV report in that area and will hopefully be of use.

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