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    This is a bit last minute. I'm planning a roadtrip either down the NC Coast or down the Eastern Coast with stops in Charleston, SC, Savannah, Ga, and Miami, FL...I guess it would be considered a Beach Roadtrip. I was wondering if anyone could give me a few tips for a solo female traveler as far as safe places to stay or great places to eat on a budget in any of these areas. I've never been to the NC coast though born and raised in NC. So I may start on the eastern coast of NC and travel down to FL. I'm planning this trip between Aug 5th and Aug 15th so basically a ten day road trip.

    Thanks :-)

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    Wilmington, NC, the Outer Banks, and Kitty Hawk are all great places to go on the NC coast. From Wilmington to Jacksonville US-17 take you down the coast, although it does waver west a bit. In Jacksonville you can get US-1 and take that all the way down to Miami. This is just some quick advice.

    Also for safety, my best advice is to book your hotels through major chains or look up or a similar site to read the reviews of other guests.

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    Paul's Famous Hot Dogs in Castle Hayne, NC, near Wilmington.

    Britt's Donuts in Carolina Beach, NC.

    Take the ferry from Fort Fisher to Southport, NC.

    Calabash, NC (on the SC border) for some outstanding seafood.

    Definitely check out the Beach Music on North Myrtle Beach and Myrtle Beach.

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