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    We are a well travelled English couple in our 60's. We have driven all over the USA but not yet into this area of the south. We should welcome any suggestions as to how much time to spend on the Parkway - I know it is a slow drive (it is a scenic route after all!) We have about 15 days or so to do this journey and spend a little time in each of the stopovers so any thoughts on what is best to see en route would be helpful. We know about what to see and do in Nashville and Memphis and have been in Washington DC several times before. I am no longer a hiker sadly but we are very interested in history and the wonderful scenery to be found and photographed.

    Many thanks for any suggestions.

    Limey Lady

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    Oh and I see I missed New Orleans in my haste to send the above post - this will be our final stop before Houston, from where we shall fly home.

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    You can really wander about, and take your time doing it, with a full fortnight to work with, so let me just throw out some suggestions and see which appeal to you. For history, I'd start well before you leave the Washington area with visits to Mount Vernon and the 'Historic Triangle' of Jamestown, Williamsburg and Yorktown, You can then work your way across Virginia stopping at Monticello after which a drive down the Blue Ridge Parkway as far as Asheville and a visit to the Biltmore Estate will be in order. Next up, a drive through Smoky Mountain National Park. With the amount of time you have, I think I'd cross Tennessee on US-70 rather than I-40 and savor the small towns and make a stop at Shiloh on your way to Memphis. From there, I'd backtrack a bit on US-72 to Tupelo. MS (Elvis' birthplace if Graceland is why you're going to Memphis) and use the Natchez Trace Parkway down to Jackson. Finally the Creole Nature Trail through southwestern Louisiana will give you a good feel for that unique area of the country.


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    I don't know how you feel about tight places, but Luray Caverns is a pretty little tour, as is Natural Bridge, VA. Both these will show up on any tourist-y map. There are above ground things to do, junk to buy and it's fun. Natural Bridge has a night time show that I remember as pretty good.

    When are you coming? Autumn is nicest in these parts, with the color and the livable temperatures. The Blue Ridge can be cold at night any time, but very hot during the day.

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    Many enjoy a stopover at Abingdon, Va for an evening's entertainment at the Barter Theater. Abingdon is somewhat west of the Blue Ridge Parkway (BRP) but the excursion itself is nice.

    If you were to venture over there, probably best to resist the urge to take US 58 from Meadows of Dan across to Abingdon. Its nickname of "The Crooked Road" is well-deserved. Then again, lovers of traditional music would embrace the notion of traveling US 58 for the many bluegrass and country music venues and exhibits scattered throughout southwest Virginia. One could easily spend 3 days and a couple of nights taking in the region's Scots-Irish culture and history at and around Abingdon.


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