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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Sedenquist View Post
    Thanks for sharing the paperwork requirements of this task.... Phew! Those long days in the saddle still make me wonder.... how you kept focused and going.

    Planning and the GPS helps a lot.
    A had 49 way-points loaded in the GPS. One for each state numbered in order. Each way- point was a gas station.

    I look at the GPS like I would a speedometer. Just a glance and I know when to turn next.
    Having the route in the GPS lets me focus on riding.

    I leave a lot of distance in front of me and don't take any chances.
    I stop when I'm tried and take breaks. I put in long days but it's because of the breaks.

    My dad was an over the road truck driver. Maybe that helps too. :)

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    great read and nice pictures... thanks..

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    Quote Originally Posted by illusion View Post
    great read and nice pictures... thanks..
    Thank you!
    I enjoy doing the stories almost as much as the ride.

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    A few more pictures from the road to Hyder. Ridin' in BC.

    Early morning at the glacier.

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    The reason for the trip to Hawaii.
    We've been married for 35 years.

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    On a timed ride a little luck helps.
    On this day I was very lucky.

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    Sunrise - Sunset

    Early morning fuel stop in Kansas -

    Heading west -

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    I wasn't going to stop and take any pictures while I was on the clock.
    I'm glad I did.

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    Default I'm Glad you did !

    You captured some great shots and the last one is a beauty !

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    Default Yeah! That's a great shot

    Looks a bit damp!

    Great report.

    So. what's on the agenda for next summer?


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