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    Default All 50 States -On a Motorcycle!

    The Road to Hyder - 49 states in less than 10 days. Plus Hawaii.

    My goal for 2010 was to ride a Victory motorcyle in all 50 states and complete a IBA 48 Plus. All 48 states plus Alaska in less than 10 days.

    As far as I know this is the first time a IBA 48 Plus has been completed on a Victory.
    I also rode a Victory in Hawaii this year so if I complete the 48 Plus I would also be the first person to ride a Victory in all 50 states.

    Riding in Hawaii - Thanks Dale!

    I want to hit my 50th state on the 4th of July in Hyder, Alaska.

    I added all kinds of gadgets to the bike. Spot Tracker, EZPass, GPS.

    I added a 2 gallon Tour Tank. I would need this tank 4 times on the trip, including 17 miles from the finish in Hyder, Alaska.

    49 States - starts in South Dakota

    The full Victory lap - 11,907 miles

    On this ride the temps would range between a low of 42 degrees to a high of 102 with hundreds of miles of riding in both the 40's and the 100's.
    Rain. My guess is that I rode over 2000 miles in the rain. Out of almost 12,000 miles that's not bad.

    On June 23rd I left the Milwaukee area and rode 550 miles to Sisseton, SD.
    I started the ride in Sisseton on June 24th at 3:59 pm and headed north to North Dakota and then east. Day one-1136 miles, ended in Ripley, NY.

    Very fitting!!!

    Between the start and finish there was rain, rain, rain, wind, cold, hot and those moments when everything is perfect. Perfect weather, perfect roads and the miles fly by.

    Perfect moments-


    There were days that started perfect and changed. Guess which way I need to go. Time for the rain suit. Washington State.

    This is one of those "I should have put the rain suit on at the last exit" moments. Mississippi.

    I also saw the sun rise and set for 9 days while riding.

    Sticky notes - So I don't miss any states.

    Halfway point oil change - Thanks David!

    Low fuel light on in Kansas - early morning side of the road fuel stop.
    I had only gone 77 miles when I was passing a gas station, very early morning, in Kansas. "I'll get gas at the next gas station".
    The next station was 101 miles away. Time to use the spare tank.

    Somewhere in Texas a rock hit the headlight. I was able to tape it back together.

    Leaving Las Vegas. Getting a little crazy(er).

    I hit my 48th state in Oregon in 7 days, 23 hours and 30 some minutes. It's 1200 miles to Hyder.

    Now a ride through BC.

    Getting close.

    I arrived in Hyder at 9:15 am CST on the 4th of July.


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    I had coffee at the Glacier Inn to stop the clock and then had a big breakfast.

    My first witness at the Glacier Inn.

    Looking outside -

    My second witness - Caroline at the Boundary Gallery.

    Thanks Caroline!!!!!

    Lunch at the Glacier Inn - Mmmmmmmm

    In Hyder -

    At the Glacier -

    Because I finished my 50th state in Hyder the town let me lead the 4th of July parade. (Thanks again Caroline)
    Ready for the parade-

    The parade -

    The ride home -

    200 miles from home- Bike looks good.

    The numbers -
    49 State miles-8818. Time-9 days, 17 hours and 16 minutes.

    Total miles for the trip 11,907 in 16 days.

    I had 5 days during the 48 Plus that were over 1000 miles and I only had 165 miles to go on day 10.

    My favorite memories from the trip - the people of Hyder and leading the 4th of July parade.

    I think this will be my last long "timed" ride. I'm a grandfather now. Time to slow down a little. :)

    Spot tracker link
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    Default Wow !

    Hey Rollin'

    You sure have got an Iron Butt !! Congratulations, that was a monumental effort and great timing for the parade at the finish !

    For anyone looking in and thinking "I wanna do that," Rollin' has huge experience at this sort of thing so don't plan on covering that type of mileage in that amount of time!

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    Thank you and yes a lot goes into a ride like this.

    A year of planning.
    Months and months of working out including 60 sit-ups a day for the last 8 months! A strong back helps.
    Knowing what to bring and adjusting to conditions. Experience from years of riding.

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    Default Great Photos!

    I liked that the town of Hyber had you lead the parade too!

    Excellent accomplishment! (the ride)


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    Thanks Mark!
    The parade was a great ending to the ride. A lot of nice people.
    It is one of my favorite memories.

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    Awesome and very inspiring. Did you camp on the way or stay in motels? About how much did you spend with food and gas for the 9 day 49 state portion?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Metamorph View Post
    Awesome and very inspiring. Did you camp on the way or stay in motels? About how much did you spend with food and gas for the 9 day 49 state portion?
    Thank you!
    No camping on this trip. No time.
    I did try to find cheap motels because I wasn't going to spend much time at them.
    Some of the motels were ........... interesting.

    I'm not sure on the costs yet.

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    I'm almost done with the IBA paper work. How this works.

    The first gas receipt is the start time. This will also be the end time 10 days later.
    The ride needs to be completed in LESS than 10 days.

    You need at least one receipt for each of the 49 states but the IBA wants every receipt. Gas, food, motel and tolls.
    Each receipt needs to show the location. This shows your route and helps to prove your ride.

    I wrote the mileage on each receipt and put it in a waterproof box inside the tank bag.
    At the end of the day the receipts are put in a Zip-loc bag. One for each day.

    Writing the mileage helps later when you need to fill out the trip log. Also helps when you need to put the receipts in order.
    The IBA wants a copy of the receipts and a spread sheet with all of the receipts listed in order for each day.

    I had to enter 106 receipts for this trip not including the tolls. I used an EZPass for the tolls.
    I also need to include the witness forms, a map showing the route and anything else that will help prove the ride.

    I am also including Spot Tracker maps and links, an EZPass statement and 2 disc's with over 400 pictures from the ride!

    You turn in the paperwork and hopefully your ride is approved. :)

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    Default That sounds almost job-like

    Thanks for sharing the paperwork requirements of this task.... Phew! Those long days in the saddle still make me wonder.... how you kept focused and going.


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