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    So me and some of my buddies are working on planning a senior trip. Of course we're looking at cruises, resorts in Mexico, and stuff along that line. But we also want to think about road trips. We're all going to be 18, and we like to have a good time. (If you catch my drift) Money is an issue so we started thinking about a road trip. We are from Utah, and we just want to go somewhere fun and have a great time. Any help will be appreciated. We want this to be a memorable experience, and we also would like to have some money left to pay for school when we're done! ;)

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    One idea that might be a little less expensive but give you a Mexico beach experience is Puerto Penasco (aka Rocky Point) on the far north end of the Gulf of California. Since its only a few hours from Phoenix, it may be a relatively short drive for you (depending upon where in Utah you are)

    That recommendation comes with the warning that Mexico is having a number of crime/safety issues, particularly along the border. While Puerto Penasco hasn't had the level of violence that many border cities (Tijuana, Nogales, Juarez) have seen, you still need to keep your guard up. And you need to seriously factor those elements into your plans, and I would certainly read the current State Dept. Travel Warning for Mexico.

    Remember, if you do drive to Mexico, you will need to buy Mexican car insurance and of course a Passport is needed for any travel across either border.

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    You should be adventurous for this once in a life time experience.If you have passports and alittle guts take off for Mexico and learn something about our southern neighbors,yes I said neighbors.I took a roadtrip a 100 years ago with a few friends and all we could think about were the sunny beaches and beautiful chics in Florida.(Young men and small minds) 5 months later a road trip to Paris Island,S.C with " a few good men" I realized how important the memories were of those 7 days in Florida.
    Always remember where ever you travel theres good and bad people and places everywhere,so have a good time and enjoy that trip.
    Mexico is awesome and some great surfing,good fishing and muy linda mujers (very pretty women),but don't drink the water....
    Hope this helps alittle and Have a Great Road Trip!

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