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  1. Default SF to Portland in 2 days!

    my girlfriend and I have two days to drive from San Francisco to Portland. At what points should we take the 1 vs. the 5?

    Also if we need to pick one place to stay over the night of July 31st somewhere in between, any suggestions?


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    2 days is really not enough to do the Pacific Coast Highway all the way from SF to Portland and you're pretty limited in the number of places you can go between I-5 and the coast.

    What I would do in your shoes is spend your first day heading up the coast, stopping in Eureka. Spend the morning of the next day in Redwood NP, and then once you get to Crescent City, cut back over to I-5 at Grants Pass and continue up to Portland.

    Another option would be to skip the coast and focus on the mountains, particularly Crater Lake. You could make the drive there from SF in 1 day, and have much of the next day to explore, before finishing your trip onto Portland.

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    Thank you! this helps a lot!

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