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  1. Default Vancouver to Toronto in Sept, through america or stay in Canada?

    We are two aussie girls planning a roadtrip in sept, starting in Vancouver, ending in Toronto.
    We've been told that the prairies are quite boring to drive through in CA, so are looking at possibly driving through America, Route US-2 I guess? We want to go to Banff in CA, but after that we're easy.
    We have a very old car, not much money, and only about 8 days to do it in. We wanna see beautiful landscapes and small towns, not too fussed on big cities, and obviously with our time limitations, not really interested in deviating off the track or spending money at tourist attractions.

    Anyone have any suggestions/ideas for us? =)

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    Default boring? What's that?

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    One of the guiding principals of this site is that there are no boring places, just close minded people. That's certainly true when you're talking about the Canadian Prairie, which I've enjoyed traveling through on several occations. I will say you'll have to cross the plains one way or another, and if you predetermine you don't like the plains in Canada, you probably won't find the plains in the US to be that much different.

    As far as which way to go, you've got several options, all which would be about 2700 miles (4300km) your fastest route would be to head to Seattle and take I-94/I-90 over to Detroit/Sarnia and across to Toronto. The would take you near places like Yellowstone, the Black Hills, Badlands, and Chicago. Before you start taking detours, you could do this trip pretty easily in 5-6 days.

    Another option would be to go across US-2, going past places like Glacier National Park, Lake Itasca (headwaters of the Mississippi River), the Apostle Islands, and Pictured Rocks, crossing back into Canada at Sault Ste. Marie. This is going to take a little more time to drive than the Interstates, but still quite possible in 8 days.

    Finally, you could stick in Canada, which would take a pretty similar amount of time to US-2, and the Trans-Canada is a quite interesting road in its own right, the spectacular Canadian Rockies, and some very scenic territory north of the Great Lakes. There's also something to be said about really getting a feel for all of Canada by going this route, since you'll travel through nearly all the populated areas west of Quebec.

    You'd need a passport to cross the border and travel through the US, but since you're Australian that presumably won't be an issue for you. One thing to note is that traveling through the US will likely cost less money, as gas is significantly cheaper (about $1 per gallon less) and because the Canadian Dollar is particularly strong right now, most things in the US will cost less.

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