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    Default West to the Grand Canyon

    We just returned from our amazing adventure for this summer. We drove from South Carolina to Salisbury, Mass. We spent a week on the Rappannock River in Virginia, a week in DC and then a week in Slisbury. Our main aim was to attend the July 4th celebration in Boston. The trip was wonderful. The only problem was the fact that I forgot that there would be mountains for most of the way. I am terrified of mountains!!! It was a miserable 6 days that we were driving in the mountains. Problem is that my husband wants to go to the Grand Canyon next summer. I will never go through the mountains again!!!!! Very strange I know. But I grew up on the Mississippi River at Memphis and never saw mountains until I was 40. Is there any way to get to that area without going through a bunch of mountains. I know they can't all be avoided. What is the least mountainous route? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Default Interstate.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    That's right, you can't avoid the mountains but when using Interstate, in this case I40, the gradients and curves are designed to be very gradual and you won't experience drop offs near the edge so you shouldn't have anything to worry about.

    At the Grand canyon, even though it is at elevation, the roads are generally flat, straight, well paved and with no drop offs.

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    Stick to Interstate 40. It is smooth all the way to Williams, Ariz. From there, go north on State Highway 64. SH 64 from Williams is pretty flat and more tame than US 180 from Flagstaff although 180 is really not that bad. There are no mountain passes.

    I'm not sure of the severity of your mountain phobia but the whole trip will be tame along this route. Flagstaff is in the mountains although the driving is not scary at all.

    I love mountains but hate driving mountain passes. Avoid Colorado at all costs if mountains are a no-no. Driving through Colorado is like being on another planet, a beautiful mountainous one.

    Don't forget to visit Petrified Forest N.P. near Holbrook and the Berringer Meteor Crater near Winslow, you will not regret it.

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