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  1. Default Fall Road trip. Knoxville, TN to Quebec, and New England

    We, my wife and I (both retired), have seen a lot of the west: not all, but a lot. I'm thinking this year it would be a nice adventure to drive to Quebec. as it would let us see a part of the country we have not yet visited. I saw a travel show about Quebec City and thought it would be a good destination kind of place.

    We might want to go by Niagara Falls on the way up if it was worth the detour. We have never been north of New York City and thought returning through New England would be nice in the fall. I was thinking of a two week +/- time frame. Maybe push off in late September.

    Would that be a good trip? Is that biting off a lot?

    Thanks, Clay

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    Default A Nice Round Trip

    The time you have would be adequate for making the trip you mention. Your push off time is also around when the fall foliage starts to peak around New England, particularly in the Northern extremes.

    Any particular route back through New England that you are thinking of? If it were up to me, I'd try to fit in a drive through both the White and Green Mountains of New Hampshire and Vermont, respectively.

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    Default A Shade Later

    Going to New England at the peak of fall foliage season has both its advantages and disadvantages. Obviously the scenery is just that much more spectacular when splashed in the reds and oranges of the maples, but that's also when a ton of other people will be hitting, and clogging, the roads. Peak is traditionally around Columbus Day (Oct. 12th) but is a bit earlier in the north and mountains, a bit later in the south and along the coast. So Tim is right, late September could be perfect, but I might try to edge that a bit towards early October.

    There are a ton of things to do in New England, and Québec. In the later, be sure to take a narrated carriage ride through the Old City. If possible, brush up on your French as Québec City is not only the provincial capital but also the center of the separatist movement. You will occasionally find shops with signs in the windows (in French of course) saying that they only speak French, so an attempt on your part to comply will be appreciated. You can make a nice loop by including Montréal, the Hudson River valley and the Catskills.

    As noted, this is a busy time of year for the lodging business, so reservations are recommended.


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