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    Hi guys!

    We`re a norwegian couple that are going to spend about 2 weeks in and around Los Angeles in the beginning of september this year. We have never been to the States before and are really appreciative for any advice we can get! The trip we are planning starts by spending a couple of days in San Francisco for then to hire a convertible and taking the coast-route down to LA. After spending some time sightseeing there, we`re thinking about driving through the Mojave desert to Las Vegas. We`re really not much of gamblers but was hoping to perhaps rent a couple of Harleys from there and take a one- or two-day trip to Grand Canyon. Does this trip sound ok at all? Are there any places we should add or loose? Does anyone know how long the individual parts of the trip takes driving-wise? Is this a trip you would recommend first-time visitors?

    Thanks!! =)

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    This is a very popular discussion on the forums and you will find lots of useful info just digging around a bit. To get you started, take a look here at some of our favorites.

    You will definitely need an overnight stay at the Grand canyon as it is too far for a day trip from Vegas. You don't need to gamble to enjoy the bright lights of Vegas, there is just so much going on. Once you have done a little more research and new questions arise just ask, but with 2 weeks to explore the area you can certainly add a thing or two, Yosemite and Death valley being two popular choices. It's a great area for first time visitors as there is so much diversity and it's a great time of year to visit as well !

    You should take at least 2 days to drive down the coast and from LA you can get to Vegas same day, as you can the Grand canyon [albeit a long one] and there are a few great day's out from Vegas. I would actually consider just renting a car for the whole trip and start and finish in the same City. Either of the 3 City's are an option and could depend on flight costs etc, but it would look something like this San Fran > LA> Grand canyon>LV>Death valley > Yosemite back to SF, and you could still take a day's ride from Vegas on a Harley !

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