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    My brother and i fly into San Francisco in late Aug for 2 weeks. Pick up a car and are heading east to the Lake Tahoe area, probably via Highway 4 / Ebbetts Pass at this stage altho we can alter that if need be. After Tahoe we're thinking of doing a north-west loop back to SF for a couple of days before flying back to NZ.

    We want to do some gentle hikes, check out some sites & experience some small town americana. We have previously been to Death Valley, Yosemite etc so thats the reason for not heading in that direction.

    Any tips on stops, places to go/stay etc would be great.



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    How about heading up 395 through Susanville to Lassen and Shasta, then head over to the coast on 299, see the Redwoods, then come down 101 and 1 back to SF? That may take more than 2 days but I think it would be worth it.

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    thanks for that. we've got around 9 days/nights to play with.

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    Default Some bits to check out.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    There is a lot to choose from that's for sure !

    Moving on from Lassen Volcanic park and Mt Shasta you could head through Klamath Falls to Crater Lake and then, depending on your travel style [pace], you could cut across to the coast from anyone of several points. You could head for Coos bay or further up Depoe bay and start back down the coast through Redwood NP and "Avenue of the giants" in Humboltd state park. It depends on how many miles you want to clock up and where your interests lay, but you could possibly continue up through Mt Hood to Hood river and follow the Lewis and Clarke Trail [WA 14] towards Portland.

    Use the search function and scroll down the page to find "similar threads" and when you have got some idea we can help you with the "fine tuning".

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    Your biggest problem is that it's going to look so much like home that you might wander off looking for your familiar haunts. It may be rainier in August than usual, but if you like mountains, streams and long vistas this is the place. Only the accents have been changed.
    My wife's family is from Christchurch, and they gravitated to Northern CA because it is so pretty.

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