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    In August I will be visiting Mammoth Cave Park and am looking for reviews and suggestions on which tour or tours to take. The site lists over 10 different tours and prices and no description. Anyone who has been there before, can you give me your favorite and why? I will have only one day to spend in the park. Are tours even necessary... are there trails and caves to explore without taking the tours? I would prefer to spend the day hiking and going at our own pace and not with a group and tour guide.

    If anyone has suggestions on local places to eat in the area that would also be great. We will be heading north on the 65 afterward so anything up that way would be good too.

    Thank you.

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    This page has links with descriptions of the available cave tours.

    As I recall, there is one self guided tour covering a small area of the cave. But I haven't been to Mammoth for decades, so you will have to check.

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    Default Mammoth Cave Info

    The various tours through Mammoth Cave are described on their web site. I don't believe that members of the general public can wander the cave on their own, but certainly there are hiking opportunities. One piece of advice, go first thing in the morning before the big crowds start to roll in and the rangers have more herding to do as opposed to story telling. If you get the chance, follow the signs for the Green River ferry. It's free, and even if you do nothing more than cross the Green River, drive a few miles, and turn around, it's well worth it.


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    Default I was at Mammoth Cave two weeks ago

    I agree that you should try to get there early. They open the doors at 8:30. I have been on several tours, but I recommend two of them. The Grand Avenue tour encompasses some of the others on your four-hour walk. The Historic Tour goes through the natural entrance near the Visitor Center, and it also goes to some of the same places the shorter tours cover. Both tours are pretty strenuous and require some comfortable walking shoes.

    Be sure to make reservations for the tours ahead of time, since they do sell out in the summer months. you might want to plan on two days to do both tours. If you need something else to do in between, go to Bowling Green and tour the Corvette Museum there. It too is cool in a different sense.

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    Thank you! Getting there early sounds like a good idea. I am thinking the Historic Tour would interest us the most although several of them sound amazing. Anyone else have any personal recommendations of which tours are the best?

    I definitely want to do the ferry too! Anything notable in Bowling Green? Any great local food stops or antique shops? I am looking to get fried green tomatoes and Chess pie while in Kentucky so if anyone has suggestions in Bowling Green, Cave City, Elizabethtown, etc. it would be appreciated.

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    Also, do you think we would need reservations for the historic tour for late August? Would a few days in advance be enough time to get a reservation? Thank you again.

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    Default Make reservations early

    I'd advise making reservations as soon as you know your itinierary. The day I was there the Historic and Grand Avenue Tours were both filled by 9AM.

    I can't tell you where to find fried green tomatos or chess pie, but up at Elizabethtown there is the George Patton Museum and a great Coca Cola Museum that are both worth seeing. There is plenty to see and do in that area.

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