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  1. Default Vancouver BC area to Ottawa area leaving sept 12

    My wife and I are leaving around Sept 12th from the Vancouver area on our first long road trip in our 24' Class C.

    I am looking for a scenic, cost effective route with a minimum of drastic elevation changes. (95 motorhome)

    We are thinking about Hwy 2 in the US as there should be a substantial savings on gas.(460 Ford)

    I would appreciate any suggestions, including which would be the best route from the Vancouver area past the rockies?

    Thanks all

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    The best route for your purposes would be to head down to Seattle on BC-99/I-5 and take I-90 across the Rockies. The US Interstate highway system is built to a standard that precludes any grades steeper than 6%. At least as important is the fact that these highways are controlled access freeways with no stop signs, traffic lights or abrupt changes in speed limit for each small town. That will let you get your rig up to cruising speed and maintain it for hours at a time, the most effective method of maximizing your gas mileage. However, crossing back into Canada at Sault Ste. Marie would save you nearly 250 miles of driving, another substantial gas saver, and avoid the tolls inherent in staying on I-90 all the way around Chicago and reentering Canada at Sarnia. So in western Montana, switch over to I-94 until Fergus Falls, MN and from there take MN-210 to Duluth and US-2/MI-28 to Sault Ste. Marie. and then the Trans-Canada the rest of the way to Ottawa. Besides being fast, level and fuel efficient, that route is also close to the most scenic between your two end points.


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