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    Hi everyone - First off let me say this is a pretty cool site. Not sure how I've missed it for so long! My family & I have taken several road trips in the past and hopefully I'll be able to add something to the forums.

    We have an upcoming trip to visit family. We are driving from Chicago to Port Jefferson, NY. My basic plan is to make a stop in Hershey PA as Hershey Park is one of our favorite places. My question is about quickie tourist stops along the way, you know the kitchke kind of places that are so corny they're fun? We will probably take I-80 for a large portion of the trip.

    So anything anyone knows of that could be fun? It's me, my hubby, & 2 girls (16 & 11)

    thanks in advance

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    If you are planning on driving from Chicago to Hershey in 1 day, you don't have time to stop anywhere. This is almost a 700 mile drive and will take about 13 hours of Interstate driving with stops only for fuel, food, and bathroom.

    How many days do you have allotted for this trip?

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    We really can take our time - allowing as many or as few days as possible. We have a total of 21 days, but most of those will be spent with family in NY. We will definetely spend the night in Hershey, so we can stop somewhere before & somewhere after? We've driven to hershey before so I know it's a long drive, I'm ok with stopping if there is something fun to stop for - or I'm ok with just plugging along till we get there - does that make more sense?

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    I've done speed runs before of upwards of 800 miles. As you know it can be done. As long as you get enough rest before hand and wake up with the sun you can get there before dark. That way you can relax in Hershey and if you get there around dinner time it will feel like a different day before bed time. You're probably going to have to just plug along. You won't have much time to stop for anything other than the necessities. Sometimes the state welcome centers have some cool things to look at.

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    How much time do you want to spend in Hershey?

    I'm thinking you could take a day and a half or so to get there, spending a night in eastern Ohio or western Pennsylvania. That would make for a much saner trip and let you make some of those "quickie" stops. Hershey to Port Jefferson is doable in no more than 5 hours.

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    glc I like that I said, we're pretty open to anything....because we're staying at my in-laws I don't have a reservation to be somewhere at any specific time, and unlike other road trips there we don't have a wedding or baptism or other family event to attend.

    so....eastern Ohio, western PA - ideas for fun?

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