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  1. Default Campervan/RV vs. Car/Hotels

    Anyone ever had experience in either or both of these? Any suggestions as to which would be the best option? (in terms of cost and experience, three boys will be traveling in it).

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    i might add we are coming from australia and renting either.

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    This topic is discussed quite frequently on this forum, and as with most things, there is no generic best. For economics, a car/motel trip will win out nearly every time. Going with an RV is a decision that is all about lifestyle and and it can be the perfect choice if you're looking to spend your nights right out in nature.

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    Hi Tim,

    My mates and I are also planning a road trip across usa next summer, coming from Australia aslo. Again, we're trying to figure out price wise what is cheaper. Hiring a nice Jeep/convertible and staying in hostels/cheap motels seems to be cheaper from our research, but maybe less fun.. Let me know what info you find.

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    Default Some considerations.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    As Michael said there is no "generic best." A lot will depend on how many travellers and whether you will need more than 1 Hotel room. Do you want to stay mainly in City's or National parks or are you happy to take a cheap Motel room near Interstate. An RV isn't really City "friendly" but in a National park where lodging costs are high, camping fees are cheap. Fuel costs are much higher so the more miles you travel the bigger the difference. In an RV it is easier to prep and cook your own meals which can save money eating out.

    Hostels usually charge per person and could easily work out dearer than sharing a Hotel that will charge by the room. It's how all these pieces of the puzzle add together to make the right choice, but even then it should come back to a Lifestyle choice, you wouldn't want a dream road trip turning into a nightmare because you are doing something you are not comfortable with or it really just doesn't fit in with your plans.

    If budget is of concern, I wouldn't recommend renting a "nice jeep or Convertible." Not only are they a lot dearer than a good size Sedan, they are not as comfortable, spacious and as economical as a Sedan, they won't carry nearly as much luggage either, which will be a problem for a group of people.

    You can find lots of info dedicated to RV travel in the tool bar above, such as this list of Pros and Cons.

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