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    Default Southern California to Inuvik Canada

    We will be taking our dog along, sleeping in the Yukon traveling from Los Angeles, CA to Inuvik, Canada. We have a month to do a round trip. We plan to enter Canada from Montana with Lake Louise as our first Canadian overnight stop then Prince George, Fort Nelson, White Horse, Dawson City, Inuvik. We want to get to Whistler coming back if possible. We start out in mid Aug. Times are flexible. Places are somewhat flexible. I can always fly home in time to get back to work mid Sept. if we want to dawdle somewhere. Any and all advice including any related to the dog (95lb /long haired/friendly) is needed and welcome. Thanks ahead of time.

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    Default It's much trickier with the dog

    Border crossings are really challenging these days -- You need to look at the current regulations for both Canada and the USA for taking your dog. Plus, this trip is at least 7600 miles, which means that given your planned stops, and best case scenario for weather and road conditions, you need to plan to be on the road, at least 25 days -- I know you said you can fly home, so maybe this will work.

    Inuvik doesn't get that many tourists, how did you choose this location?

    Sounds like an incredible journey!


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    Default A dream trip

    This is my boyfriend Mark's dream trip, Solstice (the dog) and I are the support team I think. I am all for it and Sol will love the cold weather. Thanks for the heads up about the border, I emailed a few different agencies last evening to check it out. Great web site. Thanks again.

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    I mapped this out just to see for Inuvik is and it's at the top of the world.

    It's going to take you 3 days minimum to get from LA to Lake Louise going through Nevada, Utah, Idaho, and Montana to Alberta.

    A month should be plenty of time from what I see on the map. But I don't know much about Canadian roads. If you were to just drive to these place and drive back without doing anything but the necessary breaks of sleeping and eating and gas it would take 2 weeks minimum. So I think that 4 weeks would be an adequate amount of time. Good luck!

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    The Dempster Highway to Inuvik is 450 miles of gravel road with 2 ferry crossings, I would allow a minimum of 2 full days to drive it with a large fudge factor to allow for weather and road issues. Have a suitable vehicle and supplies. The North Klondike Highway from Whitehorse to the Dempster is paved, completing the loop into Alaska to the Alaska Highway at Tok is not fully paved yet.

    I believe the speed limit on all the northern Canadian highways is 80 kph (50 mph).

    Coming back, you can take the Cassiar instead of the Alaska Highway - 37 to 16 to 97.

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    Yes, not a particularly relaxing trip but a visually great big adventure. We can rest after our vacation.

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    I appreciate the information, thanks!

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