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    Hi everyone,
    We are going from Chapel Hill, NC to NYC for a long weekend. When driving back (in one day, with kids 7,12,16), we want to look for a place to stop by for 1-2 hours. I originally thought about the idea of driving through Philadelphia and hang out in the Reading Market, but I am afraid that with traffic entering the city and parking, even one long day will not be enough. Anyone has an idea (not including DC or Fort McHenry)? Maybe take the long route through Amish country and then rejoin I-95?

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    New York to Chapel Hill is just over 500 miles, about as far as I'd recommend that you try to drive in a day with 3 kids through the traffic congestion of the northeast corridor. The two alternatives I would normally recommend to avoid the congestion, US-13 down the Delmarva Peninsula or I-81 along the Blue Ridge, would both add enough time that you really couldn't complete the trip in a day. That really just leaves you with the sole option of taking I-95/I-85 and looking for a stopping point just south of DC. One excellent option would be Prince William Forest Park. The two younger children are eligible for the Junior Ranger Program, but everyone should enjoy this oasis.

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    Thanks AZBuck. I'll see whether we can spend an extra night and then probably take the Delmarva Peninsula option, spend there the afternoon and night and continue to Chapel Hill the following day (Blue ridge is of course a great option, but we are travelling there quite often). Any specific suggestions/highlights in the Peninsula? I heard many great things about the region, but would you recommend some place specific for a single afternoon?

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    Leaving at 6am, from Raleigh, I was able to make this work going to the Pocono area using I-81 in May. I got home by 4pm with limited stopping so a stop for an hour or 2 would make this doable. From the Chapel Hill area you can grab US 29 northbound through the farm country of Virginia. That will lead you parallel to I-81 without having to go so far west. When you get to Amherst you can take US 60 West to 81 and take it up to I-78 where you can head to NYC. It;s gets you off the interstate but only adds a half hour or so to the time it would take going up 95, and with traffic, you could actually be saving more time going this way.

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    Well for starters, have a read of this article on the northern portions of the 'ocean' side of the Delmarva Peninsula. If you go this way, than farther down I would expressly recommend a visit to NASA's Wallops Island Flight Facility and Chincoteague Wildlife Refuge. Another possibility is Assateague Island, but it is difficult to impossible to include all three sites on a drive-through RoadTrip such as yours. Finally, of course, you'll cross back to the 'mainland' side via the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, a marvel in its own right.

    And note that I corrected a typo in my original response to you. It is, of course, US-13 down the center of the Peninsula.


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