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    We are planning to take road trip from nyc to Vermont in August. We are interested in taking a scenic route that will take us to Bennington, Queechee, Weston and Manchester, etc. We have have five to six days to just wander. I am a young senior and will be travelling with my niece who is in her thirties. We interested in finding that small town feel, perhaps checking out some farms and wineries. Would consider travelling further north since we have the time. Any advice and recommendations are appreicated.

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    Well an easy route would be to head to Norwalk, CT on I-95 and hit up route 7. You'll get to see western ct and western ma on your way to VT. Route 7 hits Bennington and Manchester, VT for sure.

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    You have a great amount of time for this trip, so there's no reason to stick to the Interstate - go with US-5 and US-7 instead, particularly when you're in Vermont. US-5 will take you along the Connecticut River and you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for. In Vermont, almost every place has a small town "feel" because those places are, in fact, small towns.

    A suggested trip that may be to your liking (this will focus primarily on MA and VT) -
    from NYC to I-91 up to Exit 49 in Enfield, then North on US-5 to I-91 in Springfield;
    North on I-91 to Northampton, MA, then US-5 North to US-4, which will take you to Quechee.
    US-4 West to VT-100 North (long considered one of Vermont's most scenic roads).

    You can either head on US-2 into Montpelier (both a small town and the state capital), or West on US-2 into Burlington (with the amount of time you have, I'd suggest both.)
    Make sure to make your way to Lake Champlain for a great view both of the water as well as New York's Adirondack mountains.

    From here, US-7 back South as far as you please - even to Norwalk, CT.

    Near much of this route are Putney Mountain Winery and Shelburne Vineyard; on an island of Lake Champlain in the town of South Hero, you'll find Snow Farm.

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    Tim, thanks so much for your suggestions, they'll be a great help as we plan out this trip.

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