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    Default East to West coast starting at the end of september...advice needed

    Hey my names Amanda I'm new on this forum and to the roadtrip world..I have been on numerous trips from New Jersey to Florida but I had no involvement in planning or paying for anything along the way.

    A friend and I (both 23yrs old male and female) decided we want to pack up and possibly move to the southwest we do not have a specific destination or time duration in mind just to get to the west coast or an awesome place along the way to settle down in for a few months and find work.

    Hotels are not something were interested in as showering and things like that are not really a big concern for us until we settle down. We would like to camp in a tent the entire way but have never done this before and were not sure about the expense and reservation aspect of it.

    We have a car that will make it across country our somewhat plan would be starting from Philadelphia down south until Tennessee then straight across until we hit our destination.

    So in short that's what the deal is and is what I'm looking for is some input on how to figure out how much money and types of supplies needed for such a trip. Thanks (:

    Also if anyone reading this has experience and would like to travel with us we have room for 1 person that is traveling light! As we are only bringing the essentials.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Quote Originally Posted by amandaxo
    ...just to get to the west coast or an awesome place along the way to settle down in for a few months and find work.
    You do realize that the country is still in the grips of a severe economic crisis and that real unemployment is running at well over 15%, right? This means that you'll be competing for any jobs with local residents who can provide verifiable references and a real address, and are trying to put food on their family's table. I would not at all count on being able to find casual employment. You will need to have all your monetary resources in hand before starting off on this adventure.

    Quote Originally Posted by amandaxo
    ...showering and things like that are not really a big concern for us until we settle down.
    "things like that" may not be important to you, but they are extremely important to anyone who has to share space with you. If it really is your plan to go au naturel, then you must be prepared for adverse reactions from anyone you come into contact with, or upwind of. This will include shopkeepers, docents, park rangers, and a host of other strangers on whose kindness you will be depending.

    For a short review of expenses you should be prepared for, take a look at this discussion and update accordingly. For some general tips on traveling cheaply read this. And while this article is about RVing, it does contain useful info about finding cheap camping spaces. You should also check out any national forests you'll be passing by and ask if they offer distributed or dispersed camping - often free. The one thing you should not plan on is simply pulling off on the side of a 'deserted' road somewhere and setting up camp. You will almost certainly be trespassing and in the southwest especially landowners take very seriously their right to defend their property with deadly force.


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    Thank you very much for the information.

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