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    Default Moving from Chicago area back to California for new job (I-55, I-44, I-40)


    I'm not new to road trips. I've driven several times from the SF Bay Area to AZ and back, and when I moved to the Chicago area in 2007 I drove here via I-80. Back then most of my trips were in the fall, early October to mid November. This was also before I relocated to the Midwest and became storm weary.

    I recently received a job offer in California, I have been unemployed since January. I start on September 13, but need to be in California no later than September 7th to get my 12 year old enrolled in school and meet the movers to get my belongings. To complicate things even more, I will be traveling with my infant daughter.

    Instead of taking I-80 straight across, I decided to go the southern route as I have family in Arizona that I have not seen in a long time, and wanted to stop by and let them meet the baby, as with starting a new job I won't be able to see them anytime soon. Also, this route seems more appealing than boring I-80, and since I have family in AZ this will give me a chance to get off the road and relax a bit. Not to mention I am afraid of storms and have this fear of being caught out on the plains in one. I know that parts of I-40 go through the plains too, and that this area also gets stormy weather, but I wanted some input. I plan to leave September 1st (give or take a few days) taking I-55 > I-44 > I-40. I've mapped out stops along the way and plan to get advice from my uncle on the best route back to CA from his house. What is the weather and road conditions like along these routes in late August early September?

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    Default Little Help

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Where in 'California' are you headed? Will your 12 year old also be traveling with you? What time on the 7th do you have to meet the movers? What time on the 1st do you plan to leave Chicago? Will you be the sole driver/child rustler/navigator/entertainer/etc.? Where in Arizona is your family? Anyone trying to help you will need at least the answers to those questions.


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