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    We're driving to Shepherdstown, West Virginia for a theater festival next week. Since we have four days to get there, we'd like to make some interesting stops along the way. We've recently been to Savannah and Charleston (and loved both), so we'd like to spend time in some other places on this trip. We like interesting towns or beautiful natural sights. We love good (cheap) food and will drive miles for a great local meal.


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    With the time you have, the places you've already seen, and your stated goals, I would think that just wandering north on some of the old US highway system through the Piedmont and Appalachians would be the way to go. Although there many, many alternatives, one route that might work for you would be to take US-301 north from Ocala and stop at Okefenokee Swamp, then track north on US-1 through the low hills of the Georgia Piedmont to just west of Augusta. There, switch over to US-221 through Sumter National Forest and up to Spartanburg, SC where you can start heading up onto the Blue Ridge using I-26 to Asheville. From there on to Shepherdstown you can choose between the Blue Ridge Parkway, US-11 and I-81 as time constraints and your mood dictate. That, I think, would make for a very relaxing four day drive. It would take you through many small towns that those who stick to the Interstates would never see, and where you'll find far more local dining options than exit ramp fast food joints. For the best results, I've never been able to beat the simple advice: "Inquire locally". When you start getting ready to eat, start looking for well patronized eateries in small towns. Don't be afraid to ask at local tourist information centers either. Ask people there and on the street for where they would eat if they were looking for whatever type of food it is you're looking for at the moment. They'll know far more than any of us.

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    Take I-95 to I-26 to Asheville. From there, take the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive. If you start running out of time, you will always be just a hop skip and a jump from I-81.

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