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    So me and 3 of my friends are planning on a RoadTrip in August of 2011.
    We are planning ahead of time to make sure everything goes as smooth as possible.

    Now I have been saving up money to get a car, and not just for the trip.
    I already want something like an SUV type...Like maybe a Jeep Liberty or something of that sort.
    Cause I don't want something that is huge and is going to be a gas hog.
    But for this trip I want everyone to be comfortable, especially the ones that will be in the back, and plus our luggage.
    Which for the luggage, we have decided to buy each of us a nice footlocker from wal-mart for our clothes.
    We will have probably have 2 coolers and whatever else, like Pillows and blankets.
    My question is...Would a Liberty or something around that size be good for 4 Adults and luggage?

    [I put a photo of the foot locker we will be buying!]
    Measurements of locker...
    [Product in Inches (L x W x H): 31.125 x 17.5 x 13.875]
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    Default that would work

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    A Small SUV like the liberty is certainly a reasonable vehicle to move around 4 people with gear for an average trip.

    If this is a trip using motels, then actually a mid-sized to large sedan would actually likely be more comfortable and would still have plenty of cargo room. If you plan to camp, then I could see where the extra space of an SUV would really come in handy.

    Of course, there are a good dozen models that could work even in that category, and even more if you start throwing in the "crossover" wagon types. The big thing to remember is that this roadtrip will just be just a small part of the overall use that you get out of this vehicle, so all the other normal things that go with buying a car - your comfort driving it, reliability, style, etc all really should be the most important things you take into consideration.

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    Default Not an SUV in the Bunch

    About a year and a half ago, there was a discussion of what makes a great RoadTrip vehicle, and I find it interesting to note, that ALL of the cars mentioned were essentially compact hatchbacks. There were many reasons for this, not all of which may apply in your case. And each of the cars was basically for solo or single companion RoadTripping. The main point, though, is as stated by Michael: you really shouldn't buy a car (a multi-year investment) on the basis of being comfortable for a few weeks of a single trip. The ability to carry four adults in comfort is a secondary criterion which can be met by any number of smaller sedans and hatchbacks on the market today, any of which can give you far greater utility and return on investment over the long haul. But do give that previous discussion a read to see what other people have found to be important in a RoadTrip vehicle. I think it may surprise you.


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    I will give it a read through.

    thanks to both of you though, made me a little more confident in a purchase for this trip and just for my everyday vehicle.

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